Our activity

Our mission is to source, import & delivery in United Kingdom & reexport abroad high quality & Rare Fine Food & Beverages, (Wine, Champagne, Mineral Water), Conventional, ORGANIC, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, BABY FOOD, at competitive prices by creating and maintaining business relationships with UK & International Producers, who share our passion to provide a First Rate Service and Quality.

We deal with Dry, Refrigerated and IQF (Individual-Quick-Freezing) products.

Our clients are importers, distributors, wholesalers, Retail Channel, Delicatessen shops, Hotels & Restaurants Chains. Catering for: Cruises, Airlines, Army, Hospitals, schools, workers, Community.

In 2017 our growth rate has been spectacular but the greatest satisfaction comes from loyal friendships and business relationships we have managed to develop with leading producers, clients and suppliers around the world. Our clients deserve quality products and we have a reputation for delivering it. High-quality control is a vital part of the Monte-Carlo Fine Taste approach.

Feel free to contact us to get further information about our offers: management@mcfinetaste.com

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